Karmaela Skytrek mural


This piece has been a long time coming, but I can rest at last and the photo of the finished work is finally in cyberspace.

This mural, I deem Skytrek, which I have worked on over the last year. I begin this as a side project in March 2012 and have returned to it time and time again over the last year, having completed it at last in February 2013.

Between university, work, family and social commitments, I have been slowly hacking away at this (the largest piece I’ve worked on solo to this day). It feels good to finally have something to show for it.


See the Testimonial for this piece from Jackie Pettit (youth worker) who supervised the progress of the Mural.

So here it is to your right a nice viewable sized version of my work of art-or-something-along-those-lines. I will now tell you a little about this piece.

I am mostly a portrait artist and street art/murals have long been a fascination of mine, but time and efforts never allowed me to part-take in such a project until this was offered to me.

The youth centre I attended for many years as a teenager posted up a photo of a large canvas they had put up sometime in 2012 and sent it to me on facebook, as seen in the image below. This is where it all begin.

So given a large and public workspace and freedom to experiment I couldn’t say no. This is created for The Shack Youth Outreach Epping, located behind St Alban’s church at:



3 Pembroke Rd in Epping NSW


As a non-profit, self funded drop in centre, The Shack operated over the last 10 years with the support of local residents and clubs in providing a safe haven environment and youth aid to local teens. For anyone that lives in the Northern districts area, feel free to check it out.

The design was created mostly from a quick sketch and a lot of improvisation. However I am thankful that the lovely ladies at the youth centre got this set up for me and waited patiently whilst I made with my slow and often interrupted progression.


All that aside, let’s start with the photos as I’m sure by now I have succeeded in boring you to death with the details anything remotely colourful should look amazing. From here onward my friends are the photographs




Where it all begin…

Skytrek 1

Experimentation in its early stages

Skytrek 2

…small progresses

Skytrek 3

Landscapes coming to life…

Skytrek 4

Watch me paint, it’s exhilarating. Really…if you’ve ever watched an artist at work, you will understand a whole new need for a fast forward button.

Alternative function as a backdrop, took a break to socialise

Skytrek 5

I had many audiences and questions during the process of this

….and it’s finally here, the bricks everybody keeps asking about. The magic that makes it all ‘pOp’

Skytrek 6

Some fun close ups

Skytrek Closeup 2

Some close up for the true followers. Floating islands!


And floating trees

Skytrek 7

Floating hole in the wall!


I did a lot of prancing around on this glorious day.

The moment was jolly, the day was sunny

…and the photo, well it would have been perfect if the shadows stopped playing tricks on me.

Thank you for reading! Hopefully you enjoyed the pretty pictures.

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