Having spent two weeks in my break redesigning my website, I feel like the appearance of my website provides a much better reflection of my design aesthetic. Keeping my darker colour palette  I introduced a subtle background reflective of my work, I also introduced a cleaner layout and personalised logo the website, which I feel has made my website much easier to navigate. In a previous entry I outlined my intent in redesigning my website and a list of changes I would make listed below:

– Introducing a clean title page
– Change the links in my navigation bar
– Recreate my artist portfolio (based on the designer profile which I am developing for Professional Practice)
– Divide my portfolio into separate sections for Fashion, Art and Graphic designs
– Create cleaner galleries within each profile and light-box which will be more efficient to load
– Create a more accessible blog (possibly with a drop down tag menu)
– Redesign graphics and layout to better convey my aesthetic


Outlined here are some features of my website and progress I have made, also any upcoming developments I am contemplating. Below are screenshots of the Homepage and Portfolio Landing Page. The Homepage is designed to provide a clean and detached introduction to my website. This new logo is also inclusive of my full name and services which I provide in order for viewers to draw better links to what is behind the Karmaela label. The landing page, upon entry is my Full Portfolio. I felt that the portfolio would be a suitable landing page as my work is able to speak for itself. The navigation bar is available on the right, next to social media icons for those who would like to find out more about Karmaela or in some instances follow my work progress on social media. Below this on the left, navigation is now available for those interested in a specific area of my work, for example: fashion, art or graphic design. The thumbnails are designed to rearrange and display appropriate galleries.

Landing page Portfolio Landing
Homepage, Portfolio Landing Page (Karmaela.com 2013)


Upon clicking into any of the galleries, the viewer is greeted with a mosaic of images within the gallery and a small description of the gallery and services this may be linked to. Above this is also a sub-navigation section which allows viewers to continue to scroll through the galleries. Upon clicking into the gallery images viewers are able to scroll through each individual gallery lightbox image (see below).

Gallery Mosaic Gallery Light Box
Animals and Characters Gallery, Misc Fashion Illustrations (Womenswear) Gallery, Checkers Lightbox view (Karmaela.com 2013)


The portfolio/about section remains mostly unchanged as I intend to rewrite my bio along with my designer profile. The blog section of my menu now displays a feed of my blog entries with a tag cloud on the right which remains visible and follows viewers down the screen.

About Blog
About page, Blog Page (Karmaela.com 2013)

The Contact and Services page remain unchanged apart from adapting the new layout, however these shall be adjusted as I continue to update my website.

Contact Services
Contact Page, Services Page (Karmaela.com 2013)

 Another section I intend to integrate into my website is a client/collaborators section with testimonials. However, instead of simply quoting people, I will be setting up a post for each client or collaborator I work with, willing to participate. Each of these posts will consist of a short questionnaire, where they will be asked about how they felt about my work or working with me, as well as what they do and a little about them. These posts will also be accompanied by images of my relevant work as well as links to the people to promote whatever hobbie or specialty they engage in.

I feel that often website testimonials do not provide a mood of involvement of real people, hence I wish to make this more personal to myself and people I work with. This way my clients will be presented as real people, as well as promoted through my website. For example, I am designing an album cover for a group of musicians, and hence this could be an opportunity for me to promote their work alongside my own.

I have sent a call-out through my facebook artist page for anyone interested in participating in these testimonials, and thus far I have received 3 positive responses within the last 24 hours, apart from this, I also have collaborators, organisations and clients in mind whom I am yet to personally approach once I have set up this page.

Overall, my website is still under various developments, however at this point there has been plenty of progress and I feel that overall a much more professional mood is conveyed and the navigation is also much more engaging.

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