Within my Professional Practice subject, we are required to research the fashion industry and companies which we would like to work for. The first step I took was to gage what jobs within the fashion and ragtrade industry are currently available and have opted to also follow certain resourceful platforms through social media and newsletter sign ups. Some of the websites I looked at were Fashion First, Fashion Jobs and Ragtrader to name a few.

On the other end of the scale I opted to expand my own online profiles to establish more of a social media presence , I have also been following job advertising on various job search and creative platforms, such as The Loop, Linkedin, Pedestrian.tv and Seek.

Over the course of my degree I have been setting up portfolios and profiles across a variety of internet platforms, some of these are developed and integrated whilst others are still under development. Below I have outlined some of the profiles which I have been developing


As discussed earlier, my facebook page has been integrated with this website to match the aesthetic and direct followers between the website and facebook platform.




SOYA ProfileAlso discussed earlier in this blog I have set up an entry for Soya365. This is still under development and refinement, however I have styled the profile page to synchronise with the colour and style of my website. This profile is integrated with links to other online profiles, however i have not developed a link section to this profile from my website yet.







Another profile which I have had established since around 2004 is deviantART, with a visual arts background, this is a profile which provides an outlet to showcase my art and various other creative work to a community of creative types. Also deviantART provides access to various exclusive competitions and community groups, which include fashion forums.



DA portfolioDeviantart also provides a portfolio platform, which I have set up recently to match the aesthetic of my website, this portfolio has been divided into an art based and fashion section, however I am contemplating at this point, turning this into an art profile so I can cater to specific audiences and followers.




The loop

The Loop provides a good creative networking profile. In this case I am still in the process of creating my profile on the loop and integrating this to my website. This I feel that I will adjust this profile to cater more to a fashion-specific area, as this is a job search and networking profile.




LinkedinLinkedin is another profile which I have been focussed on developing, due to the professional nature of the platform I feel this has a lot to offer me as a graduate, as well as provide a means for professional networking.







Still under development is the twitter profile set up for my fashion and art following.Twitter






These are examples or areas where I have been working to establish a web presence, these platforms not only offer a means to showcase my work, but also a means for professional networking as well as following extablishments, companies and organisations within the fashion industry to keep track of opportunities that are available within employment and other aspects of the industry.

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