As part of my Professional Practice subject, we are required to mock-up a business card which adheres to the aesthetics of our blog, in my case this website. The image below is my current art and graphics business card. However I have since developed logo graphics for my website as well as a specific aesthetic which I can carry into my business card and other merchandise related to the Karmaela Design service. (Note: phone number has been removed for privacy purposes).

Business Card Original copy
Current business card graphic


The first draft for the business card mock up I created for a fashion client base, the dark theme echoes my aesthetics and also ties in with the look of my website. Below is the front and back design of the card.

Business Card Design Version 1 copy
Business card design version 1


After some consideration however I have reworked my business card design, as I feel that there are two sides to my services, the art and graphics area and then the fashion, so whether I have two sets of cards for 2 client bases or I have a card which depicts both sides of Karmaela. Below is the second mock-up for my business card, the dark side representing my fashion design aesthetic and the lighter side representing the artistic nature of my design work. The contrast creates something more memorable as well as the representation of the blank slate Tabula Rasa, indicative of my artistic process.

Business Card Design copy
Business Card design version 2


At this point I have not finalised the design and thus am still working on developing and refining this, however this is some indication of the direction of the card design and what I am trying to convey through the business card.


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