A Noobish Review of The Flying Trapeze

I have allocated 2016 to running wild, adventures and all the activities that has ever sparked my interest. When I found out my friend Naomi (a woman of many talents that puts me to shame) is instructing at the local Flying Trapeze School in Cromer , adrenalin and curiosity got the better of me.

So after much postponing (due to my full time work schedule, and very little um-ing and uh-ing), I finally got my shit together and booked into one of her classes.

Having done some thorough research (trolling youtube), I decided that with my supple frame and complete lack of co-ordination, I’d be pretty lucky to avoid face planting into the airbags. Upon finally showing up, it became pretty apparent that I am a complete noob.

LEVEL 1- Flying Trapeze

So the first thing we learned was that there were levels and this is something that definitely took commitment to pick up. In my 2 hour lesson, I made it about half way ….through level 1. This involved learning to swing off the bar and manoeuvre in an awkward manner (well awkward in a beginners case) to hang off the back of your knee and dangle upside down. Safe to say I was one of few to fail first go.

Luckily for me Naomi (who is also a stuntswoman and actress. See my costume design for her on the set of Pandorian) was endlessly encouraging, the second time round I managed to muster together what passed for a Knee-hang. Then came the somersault landing and next thing you know Naomi was catching us mid-air and I was letting go of the bar that I held on to for dear life.

So I thought I’d share the video of the ‘good bits’ where I look like I know what I’m doing (The best part is probably when I pulled some ungodly stunt from hanging upside down to dangling off one arm like a rag doll).

Video courtesy of Naomi Turvey. Checkout her youtube channel for some amazing stunt and training videos (I promise they’re not as clumsy as the one above)

All in all this was one hell of a day for someone like myself who ice skates once a week as a substitute for actual exercise. Definitely one I would recommend for a fun day, but expect intensity and a fast paced class, there’s no time to much around if you want to achieve something by the end of the class.

The Technical Stuff

If you are interested in giving it a go, I regret to announce that the place I attended in Cromer is actually in closing 2 weeks from now, however The Sydney Trapeze School also has a larger and better space in St Peters in Sydney’s Inner-West. To book in you would need to check the schedule and book into times that are either confirmed or try to book into a scheduled time and hope that there are enough numbers for the class to be confirmed (getting a few friends together could help and it’s also nice to have someone there to film you in mid air!)

The beginner class I went to runs for 2 hours and costs $65 (which is pretty fair considering there will be 3 highly trained staff there to demonstrate, instruct and take care of your general safety, not to mention catching you in mid air)


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